Huge Achaemenid Site of Cyrus Era Unveiled Near Persepolis

By Hassan Zohouri

TEHRAN (CHN) – A joint team of Iranian and Italian archaeologists in a joint exploration has discovered a large site near Persepolis which belongs to the Achaemenid era. According to archaeologists, the building has probably been constructed at the time of Cyrus the Great.

The Brick Pile is an ancient area which has been revived these days by Iranian and Italian archaeologists. The archaeological team in their third excavation season in the area has recently discovered the large building which belongs to the Achaemenid era.
Alireza Asgari Chavardy, head of the Iranian discovery team, commenting on the issue told CHN: “During the archaeological excavations by the Italian and Italian teams in Persepolis, in the city of Parseh we discovered an amazing building which belongs to the time of the first Achaemenid kings in Fras. The dimension of the building is at least 33 to 33 meters and thousands of glazed bricks have been used in the building.”
He said: “The thickness of the walls of the building is 10 meters. The discovery of the building with such a magnitude, size and number of glazed bricks in Fars region is being conducted for the first time.”

What is highly important in the discovery of the building is its glazed bricks which are decorated with motifs such as fabulous animals.

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