[Call for Papers] Landscapes of Settlement in the Ancient Near East

Call for Papers: Landscapes of Settlement in the Ancient Near East

American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) Annual, San Antonio, TX, November 16-19, 2016

This session brings together scholars investigating regional-scale problems of settlement history and archaeological landscapes across the ancient Near East.  Research presented in the session is linked methodologically through the use of regional survey, remote sensing, and environmental studies to document ancient settlements, communication routes, field systems and other evidence of human activity that is inscribed in the landscape.  Session participants are especially encouraged to offer analyses of these regional archaeological data that explore political, economic, and cultural aspects of ancient settlement systems as well as their dynamic interaction with the natural environment.

Organizers/Chairs: Jesse Casana (Dartmouth College); Emily Hammer (University of Chicago)
Applicants must send in their abstracts (250 words or less) through ASOR’s online application system by Feb. 15, 2016:

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