[Call for Papers] 2nd Meeting on the Archaeology of the Arabian Peninsula

2nd Meeting on the Archaeology of the Arabian Peninsula (14-15/02/16)

Territories, space organization, mobility and interactions in the Arabian peninsula

14th – 15th February 2016 at the National Library of Kuwait, Kuwait Citylogos

LABEX DynamiTe
National Council for Culture, Arts & Letters

Conveners :
Guillaume Gernez (Université de Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)
Sophie Méry (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Michel Mouton (Centre Français d’Archéologie et de Sciences Sociales)
Shehab A. Shehab (National Council for Culture, Arts & Letters)

The program ARABIA was initiated in June 2013 by Guillaume Gernez (University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne) and Sophie Méry (CNRS). After being a partner for the « Rencontres Sabéennes » in Paris (June 2013), it then took part of the LabEx DynamiTe, with the first workshop held in Nanterre in May 2014.

The main aim of this 5 years program is to create links between specialists and to build a group of researchers and PhD students in ancient Arabia, focusing on topics related to the concept of territoriality. Annual workshop will take place, and a final conference (then published) is previewed in 2018. This project also intended.
For this second workshop, in February 2016, the CEFAS and the National Council for Culture, Arts & Letters offer the opportunity to organize a meeting in Kuwait, with international researchers, a large part of them being directors of archaeological operations and actors of archaeology and heritage in the region, dealing with new data, new methods and recent works.
The diachronic theme will be focused on « territories, settlement patterns and interactions in Arabic Peninsula », including the questions of sedentism and nomadism, from Neolithic to the eve of the Islamic period.


Day 1 – 14th February 2016 – Early and Late Prehistory of territories and interactions
Morning session
Chairman : Michel Mouton
09.30 am
Sophie Méry and Kévin Lidour
Neolithic mobility in coastal Oman peninsula – a review
10.10 am
Guillaume Gernez, Jessica Giraud and Tara Beuzen-Waller
Settlement patterns in the area of Adam : from Early Bronze Age to Late Iron Age
10.50 am Break
11.20 am
Kimberly Williams
Reuse and Disturbance : Maintenance, Reimagination, and Recreation of Ancestral Mortuary Landscapes in Bronze Age Arabia
11.50 am
Nasser Al-Jahwari, Khaled Douglas & Mohammed Al-Belushi
Umm an-Nar settlement at Dahwa : Interaction between Inland and Coastal Regions in Northern Oman
12.40 pm Lunch
Afternoon session
Chairman : Shehab A. Shehab (National Council for Culture, Arts & Letters)
03.00 pm
Guillaume Gernez
Production and diffusion of copper/bronze weapons in Eastern Arabia during the Bronze and Iron Age.
03.40 pm Break
04.10 pm
Anne Benoist
Space organisation in Iron Age settlement areas : a re-assessment
04.50 pm
Carmen Del Cerro
Mobility and interactions in al Madam plain (Sharjah Emirate) from Bronze to Iron Age
05.30 pm End of Day 1
19.30 pm Reception at the residence of the French Embassy

Day 2 – 15th February 2016 – The Historical periods
Morning Session
Chairman : Pierre Lombard
09.00 am
Julien Charbonnier
The impact of falaj technology on the formation of oases and settlement pattern in Southeast Arabia
09.40 am
Solène Marion de Procé
The Wadi Matar settlements : A millenary mobility (Farasan Islands, KSA)
10.20 am Break
10.50 am
Mounir Arbach & Charly Poliakoff
The Rock-art : A source for the history of Arabia before Islam
11.30 am
Andrea Di Miceli
The occupation and the space organization at the Al Qurainiyah site from the early to late islamic period : an overview
12.10 pm
Robert Carter
Historical Interactions in the Arabian Gulf : Pearls and the Archaeology of Globalization
12.50 pm Lunch
14.30 pm
Sarah Khazindar
Heritage interactions in Arabia. Urban morphology and architectural typology interactions
15.10 pm
Shehab A. Shehab
A project for Failaka : An island dedicated to archaeology and cultural tourism.
16.00 pm Break and end of the day

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